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Organising a Happy Hour? We have the perfect solution for you!

We deliver a complete package containing a variation of Poke bowls (salmon/tuna and vegetarian) together with a mix of our best-selling sauces.
The package further contains all accessories such as napkins, chopsticks and forks. Delivery with the Tel-Aviv area is free of charge.

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How to live a long and healthy life

The Danish Twin study established only about 10% of how long we live is dictated by our genes the other 90% is dictated by our lifestyle. What is the right lifestyle? Should we take vitamins? How much exercise?

Dan Buettner did research and discovered there are 4 locations in the world where the average life expectancy is 100. These areas are called blue zones. Okinawa, Japan. Sardinia, Italy. Nicoya, Costa Rica and Icaria, Greece.

These locations have people age 100 or older that ride their bikes, are mobile, and eat mostly plant based food with fish and occasional grass fed meat. There elders are treated with honor and are included in society and their community.

They have the longest disability free expectancy in the world. They have 1⁄6 the rate of cardiovascular disease. 1⁄5 the rate of colon and breast cancer.

These cultures can teach us a lot. Here’s what we can learn from them:
They don’t over eat.
They eat on small plates.
They serve food at the counter and put the food away instead of putting all the food on the table for people to pick at.
They drink a glass of wine daily.
They have 6 or more close friends they trust, often friends they grew up with.
They have a sense of belonging.
When they retire they continue working when they retire.
They know why they wake up in the morning.
They are active, they walk to places and use the stairs.

How much and what to eat during a meal?
The average adult can achieve the recommended intake — 46 grams of protein a day for women, and 56 grams for men — by eating moderate amounts of protein-rich foods like meat, fish, dairy products, beans or nuts every day. If you lift weights and exercise regularly you can eat much more.

PokeShop gives you 100 grams of fish per meal which is 30 grams of protein. It’s best to have a balanced lunch with vegetables and complex carbohydrates. All this is achieved in every poke bowl.

In conclusion the lifestyle we have effects our health. Being consistent in living healthy is the key. PokeShop offers a convenient solution to eating healthy for the long run. It offers fresh vegetables, protein and the right ingredients for a healthy meal in line with living a long life.

Mind body green

Amy Margulies, RD, CDE, LDN, is a licensed dietitian and certi- fied diabetes educator, at Retro- fit, a leading provider of weight- management and disease- prevention programs. Amy has been teaching clients about healthy eating for nearly 25 years. She has a bachelor of science degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Wisconsin. Amy is a marathoner and triathlete herself, always focusing on keeping the balance of training, racing and proper nutrition. When Amy is not on the trails, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, biking and laugh

If you haven’t heard of poke yet, you will soon. It’s one of the biggest trends to come on to the culinary scene this year—and it’s perfect for summer.
Pronounced poh-kay, this raw sh salad is typically served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for “slice” or “cut,” so it often includes either small cuts of fresh tuna or octopus. Typically, poke is seasoned with soy sauce, scallions, and sesame oil. It might also include a variety of other seasonings, such as wasabi, seaweed, and chili pepper.

So, why should you try this shy new food trend? As a registered dietitian, and here are ve reasons I recommend poke:

1. It’s a nutritional rock star.
Poke is one of freshest, tastiest, healthiest new food trends around. You can consume 4 ounces of poke for just under 150 calories, only 5 grams of fat, and 24 grams of protein. Not only is it naturally low in calories, but it also usually doesn’t come with rice. Unlike sushi, poke is served with a variety of veggies and fresh marinades. Glutinous rice and mayonnaise need not apply.

2. Your heart will thank you.
Poke delivers those important heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help to protect your heart and reduce the risk of death from heart disease by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and improving other cardiovascular risk factors.

Fish intake also has also been linked to a lower risk of stroke, depression, and mental decline as we age. Consuming poke regularly also will keep you in line with the American Heart Association’s recommendation to consume sh at least twice a week.

3. It will protect your pocketbook.
Less expensive than a pricey sushi dish, you can walk away with a bill for less than $15 and be quite satis ed from your poke bowl full of fresh sh and crunchy veggies.

4. Poke prep takes no time at all.

With our need for speed in the preparation department, especially during warm summer days, poke is a winner. It requires minimal cutting of fresh sh and greens, a quick mix of your favorite spices, and voilà: Dinner is served without even having to turn on the oven.

5. You can travel the world with this dish from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Many di erent spices can be used to season your dish, so make poke any way you crave it. The variety of spices can take you to Hawaii, Japan, China, and India without even having to leave home.

How a bowl of raw fish became the next big thing in fast food

If you haven’t yet heard of poké (pronounced POH-kay), that’s bound to change soon.
A wave of restaurants serving this Hawaiian raw-food specialty have crashed into the New York City — and national — dining scene, bringing the next phenomenon in fast-casual food.

Poké is a mix of raw cubes of seafood (usually ahi tuna or salmon) in a soy sauce-based marinade. It’s often garnished with seaweed, cucumber, avocado, or tobiko, and served over rice or greens. Ubiquitous in Hawaii — you can pick it up at grocery stores or even gas stations — poké is a deconstructed, flavorful version of sushi. It’s also generally healthy and endlessly customizable.

It also doesn’t hurt that, as Bloomberg has pointed out, it’s much more economical to open a poké spot compared to a traditional restaurant, which requires industrial-strength cooking equipment and a venting system.

Introducing Tel Avivians to the funky fresh Poke culture. [TimeOut]

Introducing Tel Avivians to the funky fresh Poke culture.

Pokeshop’s owner came over from France after owning several businesses in Los Angeles, and he knows how to spot a trend that is here to stay. Super friendly with world-class service and the freshest everything, this kosher spot just across from Rabin Square has a huge selection, overflowing with goodness and fish varieties–a true gem.