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PokeShop Ibn Gvirol - Tel Aviv

 Ibn Gvirol 62 (corner Kikar Rabin), Tel Aviv

03-659 0220

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Opening hours:

– Sunday thru Thursday 11:30am-23:30pm

– Friday 11:30am -14:30pm

Online ordering & delivery:

– Sunday thru Thursday 11:30am – 22:00pm

Kashrut Rabbanut Tel Aviv

We accept Cash, Credit Card, Colu, 10Bis, Cibus-Sodexo, PaidIT

PokeShop Maskit - Herzliyah

 Sapir 6 (corner Maskit), Herzliyah

09-974 99 00

Talk to us!

Opening hours:
-Sunday thru Thursday 11:30am – 17:00pm

Online ordering & delivery:
-Sunday thru Thursday 11:30am – 14:30pm

(Delivery in Herzliyah Pitu’ach area only)

Kashrut Rabbanut Herzliyah

We accept Cash, Credit Card, 10Bis, Cibus-Sodexo, PaidIT

PokeShop Rothschild - Tel-Aviv [OPENING SOON]

 Herzl 10 (corner Rothschild), Tel Aviv
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